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Versatile Chef Station

Vulcan Introduces the Versatile Chef Station

A Heavy-Duty, Multi-Function Cook Station for Small Kitchens “Small kitchen” and “precision cooking” are no longer mutually exclusive with Vulcan’s introduction of a new kind of multi-functional cooking platform. Vulcan is introducing the Versatile Chef Station, a compact, cooking station that is already winning awards thanks to features that allow chefs...
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HOSPECO® Evogen® No-Touch Receptacle Completes Hands-Free Restroom

Touch-free disposal of menstrual care products is optimal solution for patrons, cleaning staff Let’s face it; 50% of the people on the planet will never realize the most important element of the hands-free restroom has not been addressed. Tucked away in the stall of the women’s room sits the worst offender in closed-waste receptacles. We don’t...
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Hall China Unveils Sepia™ and Pesto® Completer Items

Accessories accompany Homer Laughlin dinnerware in same colors For the first time, Hall China introduces completer items made specifically to complement one of Homer Laughlin’s dinnerware lines. Hall’s new Sepia and Pesto® completer items join the popular Sepia, Pesto®, and Indigo dinnerware family—with ramekins and bakeware and service for appetizers and desserts, all ready to liven...
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ReadyCarved Off-the-Cone Slices

Grecian Delight's ReadyCarved Flame Broiled, Off-the-Cone Slices give you the taste of authenticity, minus the hassle. With ReadyCarved on hand, introducing Mediterranean flair to your menu becomes simple. ReadyCarved meats are partially broiled, then sliced right off the cone and delivered to you. Available as classic Greek Gyros, Natural Halal Shawarma in Beef/Lamb or Chicken, and...
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