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Shaleiah Fox: Fresh Chefs Society

Watching a parent fix an evening meal as a child, experimenting independently in the kitchen as a teen, and laughing and lingering around the table with family and friends—most take these childhood food memories for granted. But children in long-term foster care often miss out on these formative experiences.  At best, food preparation for multiple...
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Chef Pedro Sanchez

Chef Pedro Sanchez of Houston’s Braeburn Country Club

For Pedro Sanchez, recent headlines are highly personal. Years ago, as people are still doing today, his family fled political and economic upheaval south of the border, and came to the United States in hopes of a more stable life. His memories of childhood in Venezuela are good ones....
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Chef Rick Neal: Hitting a Grand Slam

Growing up in California as a teenager, Rick Neal had career ambitions. They just weren’t the ones his parents hoped for. When he was sixteen, he announced to his mother he wanted to become a tattoo artist. “Absolutely no way,” she said. Two weeks later, he told his dad...
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Hyatt’s High Performer:

 Executive Chef Hermann Hiemeyer

Many chefs trace their career roots back to a home kitchen. But Hermann Hiemeyer was drawn to the foodservice industry by watching professionals in action. As a young child, it was his mother working in a German restaurant, first as kitchen staff and later as a server, during and after the Second...
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