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Hyatt’s High Performer:

 Executive Chef Hermann Hiemeyer

Many chefs trace their career roots back to a home kitchen. But Hermann Hiemeyer was drawn to the foodservice industry by watching professionals in action. As a young child, it was his mother working in a German restaurant, first as kitchen staff and later as a server, during and after the Second...
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Thomas Calhoun

Born to Cook

To Thomas Calhoun’s mother, clanging pots and wafting aromas were just part of everyday life in her kitchen. Little did she know that they were instilling in her young son a love of cooking that would determine his future. “I was always interested in cooking. Hanging around in kitchen felt natural to me,”...
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Harder, Smarter…and Happier

When Mark Schneider dropped out of junior college and went to to visit a friend in Cincinnati, he thought he was just going to hang out and experience a new city. Enrolling in culinary school there, he wasn’t looking for a life path, just a way to indulge his passion for good food and entertaining....
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Chef Christian Mailloux: Evolving with the Seasons

For starters, Chef Christian Mailloux serves a canapé of smoked salmon and caviar, consommé a la royale, and an olive, celery and smoked almond plate.  These are unconventional appetizers by current standards, but identical to those on the menu of The Redlands Inn a century ago. To celebrate the centennial of Palestine’s landmark structure, Chef Christian...
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