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Tyson Acquires AdvancePierre

Tyson Foods Completes Acquisition of AdvancePierre

Purchase aligns with protein packed brands strategy

Tyson Foods, Inc. has successfully completed the acquisition of AdvancePierre Foods Holdings, Inc., a move aligned with Tyson Foods’...
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Sysco Announces CEO Succession Plan

Sysco Announces CEO Succession Plan

Tom Bené, President and Chief Operating Officer, will Succeed Bill DeLaney as Chief Executive Officer in January 2018 Sysco Corporation (the “company”) announced last month that chief executive officer, Bill DeLaney, will be succeeded as CEO by Tom Bené, currently president and chief operating officer. Bené will become president and chief executive...
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Tyson Makes Strategic Shift in Approach to Foodservice

New division teams identify problems, supply support and resources for operators.

Tyson Foodservice launches Tyson Foodservice Teams, a new customer-centric division that focuses on foodservice operators’ challenges and provides them with specific, integrated options to fit their needs. Tyson Foodservice Teams is comprised of small, specialized Foodservice Teams that understand what’s "on the line" for...
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TRA Marketplace Photo Recap

Texas Restaurant Association Marketplace Show

July 9-10, 2017

Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center, Dallas, Texas

[caption id="attachment_3305" align="aligncenter" width="1100"] LASCO FOODS, Jorge Flores; THE CORE GROUP, Stephanie Linke ; LASCO FOODS, Peggy Lawrence.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3306" align="aligncenter" width="1100"] ACOSTA FOODSERVICE,...
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