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Expect the Unexpected: Tyler’s Villagio del Vino

One would not expect two experienced retail clothiers to dive headlong into a fine dining venture. And one would certainly not guess that they would select a former bank in which to do so. Four years ago when Bridgette and Harley Hooper opened Villagio del Vino, they definitely went beyond their comfort zone, challenged the...
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Eastex-Mex: T. Blanco’s Mexican Café

For years Longview locals have headed to a popular spot on the southern outskirts of town to fulfill their Tex-Mex cravings. Ronny and Debbie Maxey stopped in regularly for dinner after a long day’s work. When they were approached about buying the long-established business known as T. Blanco’s...
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The Bartonville Store and Jeter’s Meat Shop

Small talk can lead to big things.

Just ask Chef Michael Scott.

Catering a local Christmas party a couple of years ago, Michael was introduced to Tim House by hostess Meghan Anderson. Michael recalls, “She told me, ‘He’s going to buy that Bartonville Store,’” a...
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Salerno’s in Highland Village

 A Smart Move

A well-known and busy location convenient to a long-standing and loyal clientele would be the dream of most restaurant owners. But cousins Mike and Morris Salerno are not most restaurant owners. They decided to move.

“We had been in our old building for 33 years. It was...

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