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High Seas Meets High Plains

Amarillo’s Drunken Oyster

Fresh oysters in the middle of the arid Texas Panhandle might seem like a stretch to most. But Rory Schepisi didn’t get where she is today by thinking conventionally. New Jersey born and bred in a food-loving Italian family, her wild ride into Texas began in 2005 as a contestant on...
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Dagar’s Catering:

Daring to Dream

Changing times and trends are the downfall of many businesses. But for the Dagar family of Austin, they are just a signal that it’s time to adapt. For over 65 years their flexible, market-savvy approach has maintained a viable family business, evolving from a small neighborhood brick-and-mortar to two broad-ranging catering operations. In 1952,...
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Lenoir Restaurant

 Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

In the Bouldin Creek neighborhood of Austin just south of Lady Bird Lake sits a restaurant which by all reason should never have come to be. Lenoir Restaurant is the dream of Todd Duplechan and Jessica Maher, a husband-and-wife team who faced long odds in making it a reality. Years...
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Rare Finds: Old Iron Post Restaurant and Bar

Rare Finds: Old Iron Post Restaurant and Bar

The Texoma region along the Texas-Oklahoma border is not a place one might associate with archaeological digs. But just a few years ago, treasures were unearthed at the corner of Travis and Houston Streets on the courthouse square, at the present site of the Old Iron...

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