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A Welcoming Pub at Dallas’ Blind Butcher

In Dallas’ lively Lower Greenville district, five partners offer an eclectic glimpse of yesteryear at the Blind Butcher restaurant and bar.  Footsteps sounding on the vintage hardwood floor suggest the charm of a European inn. Inside, the north wall bar is classic western tavern, flanked by a meat display case reminiscent of old neighborhood butcher...
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Little Italy: San Antonio’s Hidden Gem

San Antonio’s Little Italy restaurant owes its origin to the butterfly effect. Just as the flutter of an insect’s wing can impact a distant tornado, a seemingly unrelated event in the early ‘80s almost two thousand miles away gave rise to this local favorite. As Angelo Visocaro slept on yet another cold New York night, snow...
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ACF 2017 – 2019 Board

American Culinary Federation Announces New Board of Directors

ACF installed national officers for the 2017-2019 term. The national officers will serve as the organization’s governing body on ACF’s board of directors and will oversee the Federation and its subsidiaries, working with ACF national office staff to guide the organization’s...

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Cuts like a Knife 

Knife Restaurant in Dallas

“In my opinion,” offers Mike Jackson, “there’s really not a bad steakhouse in Dallas.” 

As the butcher at John Tesar’s Knife restaurant, he...

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