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Plant-Based Pulled Oats® Tacos

It’s time to elevate your taco offerings with Pulled Oats® - a new protein-rich vegan crumble with a meaty texture. Pulled Oats® is the first product in the world that brings together Nordic oats, fava beans and yellow peas to create not only a sustainable, but also a highly nutritious plant-based protein. Pulled Oats® is...
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Ivario® Product Line

RATIONAL, the market leader in multifunctional foodservice technology, today announces the launch of the iVario® product line in the United States and Canada. The iVario is an intelligent multifunctional cooking system that exceeds the capabilities of conventional tilting skillets, kettles and deep fryers. New to North America and now available from RATIONAL dealers, the iVario debuts a powerful...
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Jimmy Dean Breakfast Wraps

Breakfast Wraps help satisfy breakfast cravings no matter the morning routine America’s favorite protein breakfast brand1, Jimmy Dean®, is bringing two new products to tables, counter tops and desks to enjoy this fall. Jimmy Dean Casserole Bites and Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Wraps will join the brand’s product portfolio, delivering new warm and satisfying breakfast options, no matter the morning...
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Reversible Pump Filtration Machine

Two-way pump avoids cross-contamination, keeps vegan dishes vegan When is a vegan dish not a vegan dish? When it’s fried in the same oil as meat-based foods. Even if you regularly filter your cooking oil, standard filtration procedures send oil from all vats through a common plumbing system, where they become commingled. Once this pool of...
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