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No Antibiotics Ever

Tyson® Uncooked, Unbreaded, Individually Frozen (IF) Chicken with No Antibiotics Ever As part of its continued commitment to sustainability, Tyson Foods is launching a focused set of No Antibiotics Ever products targeted at meeting operator and consumer needs You can feel good about serving our chicken raised with No Antibiotics Ever—and your patrons can feel great about...
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Bosco Whole Grain Cheese Breadsticks

New Bosco Whole Grain Cheese Breadsticks with 100 Percent Low Moisture, Part Skim Cheese

The newest addition to Tyson Foods’ Bosco® Sticks lineup combines big-time buttery, cheesy flavor with the goodness of whole grains and low moisture, part skim cheese for a sustained flavor burst. As the first Bosco® Stick whole grain option to feature 100...
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Quail Knots

Manchester Farms’ new (and already best-selling) products, Quail Knots. Quail Knots are a half quail breast with a drumstick, and make excellent hors d’oeuvres or party snacks as they are easily handheld. Enjoyed by both home cooks and professional chefs, quail knots can be prepared as simply or as technically as the chef prefers. Quail knots...
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Smart Flour Foods’ Ancient-Grain-Based Hoagie Rolls

  Featuring mass market taste appeal and the powerful nutrition of the whole grains sorghum, amaranth and teff, these naturally gluten-free hoagie rolls help restaurant owners meet the special dietary needs of their customers, in turn resulting in more business from their friends and family. High in protein, calcium and iron and made with quality, clean...
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