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EZ Oil™ Fresh Oil Dispensing System

Frontline International Redesigns EZ Oil™ Fresh Oil Dispensing System

Deeper reservoir more than doubles shortening capacity

Frontline International has redesigned its signature EZ Oil™ Fresh Oil Dispensing System to dramatically increase capacity. The patented EZ Oil process employs boxed oil, held in an inverted position, that is plumbed to a reservoir. With...
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Sous Vide Stick Simplifies Sous Vide Cooking

The Frieling by Caso Sous Vide Stick is the first completely waterproof Sous Vide cooking appliance. Remarkably versatile, it attaches securely to any container, with a convenient touch screen that streamlines operations and enhances culinary results.  Impeccable reliability and competitive pricing add to its appeal for...

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New “Everything” Trays

Get on trend with versatile trays

that serve any need, any table

What started as the shareables movement — small plates and appetizers served on trays for the whole table to share — has now set the stage for a new way to serve just about everything else. No longer just...
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