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Eco-Products’ Line of Compostable Plates, Bowls and Containers

Eco-Products is launching a new line of dinnerware that “exudes green.” The line includes 12 oz. bowls, plates in assorted sizes and takeout clamshells.

The line is made using Eco-Products’ unique biopulping process to ensure that the products are sturdy and durable They are all microwave-friendly and hold both hot and cold foods. They’re also freezer-safe and grease- and cut-resistant. They are made from wheat straw, a rapidly renewable resource.

The clamshells are stackable and available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are embossed with the Eco-Products’ leaf to complete the green vibe.

The dinnerware, made from 100 percent renewable and reclaimed resources, meets ASTM standards for compostability.

Learn more at ecoproducts.com.

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