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Borden Dairy Brings Back Original High Protein Milk

Borden focuses on healthy protein sources as its original High Protein Milk returns by popular demand

Families looking for healthy and delicious sources of protein in their diet have made it clear they love the taste of rich, nutritious original Borden High Protein Milk. So, Borden is bringing this family favorite back to stores across Texas and Louisiana. A 16 oz glass of Borden High Protein Milk has a jaw-dropping 20 grams of protein. For comparison, that’s equivalent to three eggs, or three tablespoons of peanut butter, or 22 cups of spinach.

According to the National Institutes of Health, adequate consumption of high-quality proteins from animal products like milk is essential for optimal growth, development, and health of humans.

“Everyone needs protein to build strong bodies and improve fitness, which is especially important for kids, but getting them to eat enough high protein foods can be tough,” said Borden National Sales and Marketing Director Mike Arsenault. “Borden High Protein Milk is an excellent protein-rich option, offering the energy kids need for that fun playdate or a tasty after-school snack.”

High Protein Milk is an important part of Borden’s commitment to bring nutritious and delicious dairy products to more families, giving mom and dad healthy options that kids love.

“We heard from families about how much they loved the taste of original High Protein Milk, so we’re thrilled to bring it back,” said Arsenault. “And to add extra excitement, we’re giving families a chance to win FREE Borden Milk for a year.”

Borden High Protein 2% Reduced Fat Milk can be found in major retail grocery stores and convenience stores throughout Texas and Louisiana. Follow Borden on Facebook at facebook.com/elsiethecow.

For more information, visit bordendairy.com.

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