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Bradenburg Elementary Fifth Graders to Be Presented Art Award

The fifth-grade class at Bradenburg Elementary School in Irving, Texas will be presented a prize for participating in the 2016 Made by Milk Carton Construction Contest on Monday, February 6 at 10am at the school. The winners will be presented a $1,000 check by representatives of Hiland Dairy and Evergreen Packaging.

Hiland Dairy, which supplies the school's milk, is proud to present the award to the class and class sponsors Grizelle Larriviel and Irene Sosa.

Barry Beaman, General Manager of Hiland Dairy Texas Division said, "We are so impressed with the creativity the class showed utilizing Hiland Dairy milk cartons to demonstrate the evolution of aviation and are proud to present this award for their efforts."

The school's award-winning entry in the inventions-themed contest was titled "Aviation Evolution 1905-1994" and required 1,244 Hiland Dairy milk cartons to construct. Other materials used included four cardboard pieces, 26 Popsicle sticks, 23 wood sticks, 14 water bottles and 8 straws. If all the planes are placed side by side they would take an area of about 1,073 sq. ft. The tallest plane is over 1 foot high.

Evergreen Packaging®, a leader in beverage paperboard carton manufacturing, announced the winners of its seventh Made By Milk® Carton Construction Contest. The contest theme for Fall 2016 was "Inventions." The entries ranged from a robotic surgeon to an entire platoon of planes, which was made by Bradenburg Elementary from repurposed milk cartons.

"The Inventions theme inspired schools across the country to submit some truly impressive entries. The carton creations that these students dreamed up really highlighted how creativity, teamwork, and a lot of effort can come together in one inspiring project," said Katie Simmons, marketing manager for Evergreen Packaging. "Congratulations to all of the Made By Milk® Fall 2016 winners and participants."

Since August 2012, Evergreen Packaging has utilized the Made by Milk™ program to raise awareness among consumers on the benefits of paper cartons. Cartons are a great packaging choice because more than 70 percent of milk carton packaging is paper, made from trees, a renewable resource. Over 60 percent of U.S. households have access to carton recycling, and that number is on the rise.

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