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Feed the Children Forges Unique Partnership with Americold and Tyson Foods

Union will Expedite Meal Distribution to Struggling Americans

Feed the Children, Americold and Tyson Foods are aligning to rapidly deliver more than 500,000 meals to communities across the U.S. to combat the staggering food insecurity children and families are experiencing due to COVID-19. This unprecedented partnership has produced an innovative distribution model allowing the three organizations to revamp the supply chain and distribute meals more quickly throughout the year to those who need support.

Through an innovative supply chain model, Tyson Foods is able to donate protein to Feed the Children, which is stored using Americold’s temperature-controlled warehouses. Americold then donates the necessary storage space to Feed the Children. This three-pronged partnership enables food delivery at a 300 percent efficiency rate so Feed the Children can work with its community partners across the U.S. to quickly deliver food to thousands of families who urgently need help.

“Our partnership with Feed the Children is incredibly meaningful and we’re proud of the unique ways we are able to support their efforts to provide for families experiencing food insecurity. By sharing our supply chain expertise and donating storage space, we are reducing the time it takes to get food to those in need. While families across the country face ongoing challenges related to COVID-19, we remain committed to supporting the communities where our associates live and work in any way we can,” said Fred Boehler, President and CEO of Americold.

Americold has been a generous partner of Feed the Children. Since their partnership began 5 years ago, Americold has donated critical funds, and travelled thousands of miles providing complimentary temperature-controlled transportation services of chilled and frozen goods that have helped feed hundreds of thousands of families across America. Feed the Children and Tyson Foods have partnered for 18 years to provide protein items to families. However, during these extraordinary times where unemployment rates remain above 6 percent, the organizations are working even more closely together to ensure families who may have never had to worry about their livelihoods still have access to nutritious food.

“We’re proud to play a critical role in feeding the nation during this challenging time. Our company is continuing to focus our resources where we can generate the most impact, and we’re honored to support organizations such as Feed the Children who are doing heroic work to combat food insecurity,” said Debra Vernon, senior director, corporate social responsibility, Tyson Foods.

It is estimated 1 in 4 children are food insecure due to the economic affects of the pandemic. A recent Brookings Institution study emphasized just how important the availability of nutritious food is today when it revealed that food insecurity has increased a staggering 130 percent in households with children under 18 since 2018. That’s why Feed the Children works with public and private partners to ensure everyone, everywhere, has access to the safe, healthy and nutritious food they need. By working with a vast network of community partners, Feed the Children provides food and essentials, support for educators, and disaster response to help children and their families achieve stable lives, while providing food and resources to help them today.

“The Americold and Tyson Foods partnership means so very much to Feed the Children, and more importantly, to the families we serve,” said Travis Arnold, president and CEO, Feed the Children. “Those living paycheck-to-paycheck do not have a safety net. Our partners are a critical part of providing compassionate support to those who are facing tough decisions about how to care for their families.”

Now, more than ever, it’s important for the nonprofit sector, corporations, community organizations, government officials, and food suppliers to come together to do good for those who need us. We know that when we combine our efforts, we will have a greater impact.

Visit feedthechildren.org for more information about supporting the nonprofit’s mission to provide hope and resources for those without life's essentials.

Visit www.tysonfoods.com.

Visit www.americold.com for more information.

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