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FSMA Announces New Board Member

White Paper – Study on Commissions

Top2Top Conference

Jerry Campbell, Chairman of the Board of the Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association (“FSMA”), announced that Joe Hargadon, the new President of KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc, a national foodservice agency member (“KeyImpact”) has been appointed to the Board of Directors of FSMA.

Joe replaces former long-time FSMA Director Dan Cassidy who recently retired from KeyImpact and the FSMA Board after many years of outstanding service to both organizations. Joe joined KeyImpact in 1994 and has held many positions with growing responsibilities as a result of his industrious nature and wealth of foodservice industry knowledge. Joe's expertise was instrumental in the significant growth of KeyImpact.

White Paper – Study on Commissions

In August, FSMA announced plans to co-sponsor a White Paper on the “Correlation Between Agency Commissions & Sales and Marketing Performance,” which will address the counter-effectiveness of commission reductions as compared to commission increases to Agencies, generating significant increases in a Manufacturer’s sales and marketing effectiveness. FSMA invites all Manufacturers and Agencies who desire to participate in the Study or contribute toward the White Paper Study to Click HERE, or contact FSMA General Counsel Barry C. Maloney at 202 596-8112.

FSMA Top2Top Conference

Jerry Campbell also noted that the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (“IFMA”) has announced that its 2020 Presidents Conference, in which many FSMA Agency and Manufacturing Members participate, will be going virtual because of the pandemic restrictions. The conference will take place in the first two weeks of November.

Previously, FSMA had planned on sponsoring in-person add-on Top2Top sessions to the IFMA Presidents Conference, but those sessions were also postponed due to the pandemic. FSMA encourages the entire leadership teams of its Agency, Manufacturer, and Supplier Members to consider attending the IFMA virtual conference, as content plans and special corporate pricing are developed. For further updates in this regard, see IFMA’s website:


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