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Handam BBQ Reopens

Handam BBQ Reopens as a Butcher Shop in Response to COVID-19

Restaurant Executive David Lee just announced that Handam BBQ will be reopening its doors as a butcher shop and will offer its full line of "grill-at-home" Korean BBQ in response to Covid-19. The butcher shop offers a choice of various beef and pork cuts marinated with rich, intense Korean flavors at a lower price point. Customers will still be able to enjoy a dine-in experience in accordance with the 50% capacity limit outlined by the State of Texas. The butcher shop provides more options for its customers to enjoy Korean BBQ at home.

Handam BBQ opened its doors on March 1, 2020 and just two weeks after its much-anticipated opening, the restaurant was forced to close its doors due to the COVID-19 stay-at-home order. As these orders get lifted, Handam BBQ looks to reposition itself by adapting to what it considers to be the "new normal."

"Like most restaurateurs, our hearts have been pierced by this pandemic. We are adapting and changing, and as businesses start to reopen, we realize many customers who want Korean BBQ will be reluctant to visit restaurants. We want to be sensitive to their needs by providing alternative methods of dining. We also want to do our best to keep our employees here. These have been tough times for them and we believe this will be a great way for us to maintain their jobs. Although we expect to see continued challenges ahead, we are excited about providing more options to our customers," says Lee.

With this conversion, customers will have a choice of either dining in or purchasing a grill-at-home option. Handam BBQ's butcher shop will offer its most popular items, such as kalbi short ribs, premium pork, and bulgogi, which customers will be able to take home and grill themselves. In addition to its meats, Handam will offer a new line of "doshirak" lunchboxes along with a variety of soups, stews, and appetizers, which can be ordered a la carte.

Handam's butcher shop offerings will be available through its online ordering system or by phone for pick-up, curbside, and home delivery through DoorDash. For additional information, you can contact Handam BBQ at 346-261-1500 or visit its website at www.handambbq.com.


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