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IMA Welcomes Performance Food Group as Newest Member

Independent Marketing Alliance (IMA), the member network of independent market share leaders in foodservice distribution, announced today that Performance Food Group (PFG), a foodservice distribution leader, has joined its exclusive buying and marketing network. PFG joins the other five member companies that comprise the IMA network, which represents the leading foodservice distributors alliance in the U.S.

Craig Hoskins

“We believe that products, relationships and people matter, and the intersection of those elements is where we find success,” said Craig Hoskins, PFG Executive Vice President and President and CEO of PFG’s Foodservice Segment. “IMA’s focus on building valuable relationships is well-aligned with how PFG helps our customers thrive and how we work with our suppliers to deliver the high quality our customers deserve. Since welcoming Reinhart into our Performance Foodservice business, we’ve had the opportunity to experience firsthand the value working with IMA and becoming a member can provide. We’re pleased to add to its scale, expertise and ability to deliver significantly greater buying power and strong programs for suppliers and customers.”

PFG has more than 100 distribution centers nationwide, works with more than 5,000 suppliers and services more than 200,000 customer locations including independent and chain restaurants, schools, businesses, healthcare facilities, vending distributors, office coffee service distributors, big-box retailers, theaters and convenience stores.

Robert Mould

“For a foodservice distributor, winning in the foodservice industry requires exceptional quality products, innovative brands and superior service. Welcoming PFG as part of our market leader member network is one more way we are helping position our members to keep winning,” said Rob Mould, President and CEO of IMA.

IMA is composed of an exclusive group of market share leaders in foodservice distribution across the U.S., including Harbor Foodservice, Merchants Foodservice, Nicholas and Company, Shamrock Foods, Y. Hata & Company and now Performance Food Group. The IMA buying and marketing group manages 16 exclusive brands and the entire network offers a comprehensive selection of high quality products to combine volume and maximize value.

“The IMA distributor network has achieved strong growth as we continue to expand the membership, work collaboratively with the best suppliers and gain market share with an exclusive branded portfolio of foodservice products,” Mould said. “Our mission is to be the most powerful network of foodservice distributors.  As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are excited to partner with PFG to further deliver to that ongoing mission.”

To learn more about IMA, visit imafoodservice.com. To learn more about PFG, visit pfgc.com.

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