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Manufacturers Partner for Videos

Hobart, Vulcan, Traulsen and Centerline™ Partner to Introduce New Educational Videos

Restaurateurs Share Stories and Tips to Help Overcome Common Industry Challenges

ITW Food Equipment Group companies—Hobart, Vulcan, Traulsen and Centerline™ —have partnered to introduce a six-part video series called “EQUIPPED”, focused on helping empower restaurant owners and operators.  Working with StarChefs, this video series provides perspectives and tips from accomplished restaurant owners to help industry peers overcome some of the most common operational challenges.

Through this free video series, subscribers will hear from restaurateurs throughout the United States, providing insights to help tackle common industry challenges from the perspective of those who have been there and come out on top in this ever-changing marketplace.

Key topics include:

  • Securing Capital – Chef/Owner Tiffani Faison, Big Heart Hospitality
  • Controlling Costs – Chef Partner Jamie Young, Sunday Hospitality
  • Staffing and Training – Chef/Owner Ana Sortun, Oleana
  • Food Safety – Chef Lucas Sin, Junzi Kitchen & Nice Day Chinese
  • Maximizing Space – Chef/Owner John Sundstrom, Lark
  • Serviceability & Support – Restaurateur Ellen Yin, High Street Hospitality Group

These videos demonstrate, for example, how the right space, staff training, equipment, and maintenance planning can equip operations for success and help overcome everyday obstacles.

“It has been a difficult year, and those we serve in the foodservice and hospitality industry have endured many challenges.  Regardless of their struggles, they haven’t given up,” said ITW Food Equipment Group Director of Marketing Todd Blair.  “Their resilience inspired us to connect with accomplished restaurateurs and create a video series for which their stories and insights can be shared, helping fellow restaurant owners and operators move their businesses forward.”

Blair continued, “Partnering with our friends at StarChefs allowed us to leverage their knowledge of industry trends, business intelligence and fresh culinary inspiration.  This collaboration provided a platform for restaurateurs to speak candidly about serious topics that impact their industry while providing real-world insights aimed at helping others in the industry gain a step up, reducing burdens while increasing productivity and success.”

To learn more about the new EQUIPPED video series, sign up for your free subscription and get access to additional supporting information available for each video click here.

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