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Tyson Foods Inc.

Tyson Foods Inc. has removed all added nitrites and nitrates from its Ball Park brand beef hot dogs, in addition to eliminating by-products and added fillers from its meat line.

“Ball Park brand has always been about quality,” said Colleen Hall, director of the Ball Park brand. “Today, we’re taking the lead by removing artificial nitrites and nitrates and replacing them with natural alternatives, so people can feel even better when choosing Ball Park beef hot dogs. Consumers want more transparency when it comes to what’s in the food they eat, and we want them to know we’re listening.”

In response to consumer demand for simplified food ingredient labels, meat processors employ preservation techniques such as ingredient formulations to safeguard animal proteins from bacterial contamination. A blend of sea salt and celery powder may eliminate the need for synthetic curing agents.

Ball Park's beef core portfolio of hot dogs is made with 100% beef and contains no artificial colors, flavors, by-products or fillers.

“The great taste of Ball Park brand hot dogs hasn’t changed,” Ms. Hall said. “We took special care to make sure everything consumers have come to love about our hot dogs stayed the same. We’re America’s No. 1 beef hot dog for a reason, and taste tops the list.”

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