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Unipro – Working for You

Working for You

At some point over the last few days, UniPro Foodservice, Inc. has been a part of your life. It might have been when you were paying for your kids' lunches at school, going to dinner with your family or just dropping in a coffee shop for a cup of joe. UniPro Foodservice is the largest food distribution cooperative in the world.

UniPro snapshot:

  • Over 400 members and 560 branches
  • Unique access to enhanced purchasing opportunities, products and services
  • Preeminent independent distributors
  • Collective sales volume over $119 billion
  • Unparalleled buying power

At UniPro Foodservice, we work with our hundreds of Members and Suppliers to ensure the country gets only the best.

Strength in Numbers

Our distributors provide quality foodservice products to over 800,000 customers just like you. This assures you the optimum variety of product, at competitive prices. The UniPro network of distributors is dedicated to be your local market source for quality products and services.

Purchasing Power

The UniPro organization is the nation’s #1 Foodservice distribution network for the industry’s leading national brands. This superior buying leverage is passed on to you. We buy better, so you buy better. It is also reflected in the high standards of quality in every case purchased.


UniPro partners worldwide with over 500 manufacturers. We provide products, services, and solutions beyond Food Safety, Service Providers, Technology, Great Menus Start Here or Operator’s Edge.

Unique Products

Our portfolio of products includes renowned national, regional and exclusive private brands to offer you so many options. We offer the right products at the right price and in the right condition.

Local Service/Support

Service is the key to Foodservice! We retain our independent ownership, allowing us to make decisions to anticipate or quickly react to your needs. We know our customers, local market conditions as well as the hot trends. We are also your customer with our employees supporting local food service establishments.


Currently, UniPro Foodservice, Inc., has over 400 members and 560 branches serving over 800,000 customers across the United States and Internationally. The member companies represent more than $119 billion in annual sales revenues. UniPro Foodservice, Inc., is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with a sales office in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

The company has a tax-exempt cooperative structure. Staff functions include sales, marketing, procurement, logistics, redistribution, member and customer training, and quality assurance.

UniPro Foodservice, Inc., is governed by a member-based Board of Directors comprising full representation of its membership. The UniPro Foodservice, Inc., Board is comprised of executives from member companies.



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