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Walter Robb to be Keynote Presenter

Sought After Speaker Walter Robb, to be Keynote Presenter at Top2Top-Nexgen Conference

Amazon’s surprise acquisition of Whole Foods Markets rattled most food industry stakeholders. Former CO-CEO of Whole Foods, Walter Robb has a unique insider’s perspective to share with us about how disruptors like Amazon will revolutionize distribution networks.

Quoted in a recent news article, Robb said "Don't let Amazon Go get ahead of you. Don't put yourself in the position where you have to play catch-up," he advised. "Your capacity for change ensures your survival."

With the increasing number of disruptors such as Amazon and so many other non-traditional food/meal providers shaking our world, we can no longer afford to see foodservice as a separate supply channel. Few have the depth of knowledge that Robb will share about the future of food distribution. His experience in building Whole Foods Markets into a retail powerhouse that turned traditional retail on its ear provides him with unique insights into the possible future of all food distribution.

Join us at Top2Top-NexGen to hear Robb provide his thoughts on how you can prepare your company for what promises to be a revolutionary future. All the registration info for 2019 Top2Top-NexGen can be found here.

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