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Tyson Partners Program is Your Opportunity to Save Big and Increase Sales

During this uncertain time, it’s critical that we take additional measures to turn challenges into opportunities. In the spirit of continuing to grow together, we’re offering additional allowances on the popular Tyson Partners Program. Enjoy great menu options and endless savings on every branded Tyson product you purchase. The more products you buy, the more you save by moving to the next tier level. You’ll also receive up-to-date notices on new items, special offers and much more.


LEVEL 1 0-4,999 pounds

LEVEL 2 5,000-8,999 pounds

LEVEL 3 9,000-14,999 pounds

LEVEL 4 15,000+ pounds

START TO EARN YOUR SAVINGS - Contact your Tyson Foodservice sales representative or broker to complete the online enrollment form. Your participation will begin in the quarter you enroll. - Purchase eligible Tyson products as identified on the Rate Sheets. Consult your Tyson Foodservice sales representative or broker for qualifying products and brands. - Submit your quarterly purchases within 90 days of the end of each quarter. Submit online at www.fspromos4u.com/tyson with the Quick Access Code: Partners or by mail to Tyson Foodservice, c/o Tyson Partners Program, PO Box 2048, Brownsdale, MN 55918.

IMMEDIATE CHANGES TO HELP YOU - Minimum volume requirement to participate in TPP waived for all purchases made January 1 - June 30, 2020. - Redemption period extended to 90 days. - Tyson Partners Program members locked in at their current purchase tier rate regardless of volume purchased.

Visit tysonfoodservice.com/covid-19 for additional resources and tips for the new normal restaurant operation.

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