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Bosco Whole Grain Cheese Breadsticks

New Bosco Whole Grain Cheese Breadsticks with 100 Percent Low Moisture, Part Skim Cheese

The newest addition to Tyson Foods’ Bosco® Sticks lineup combines big-time buttery, cheesy flavor with the goodness of whole grains and low moisture, part skim cheese for a sustained flavor burst. As the first Bosco® Stick whole grain option to feature 100 percent low moisture, part skim (LMPS) cheese, the new Bosco® Cheese Breadstick offers a healthier alternative to a classic student favorite. The freshly baked, premium artisan bread and made-from-scratch quality provide a tasty, flavorful eating experience to increase student participation

The new Bosco® Cheese Breadstick made with whole grains and 100 percent LMPS cheese is a convenient and no-mess solution that works across day parts. Available in bulk packaging with serving sleeves, the Bosco® Cheese Breadstick is easy to prep and easy to serve. This fun and delicious creation works great as a center-of-the-plate entrée, à la carte option or afterschool grab-and-go snack.


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