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Bulliard’s Hot Sauces

The Original Bulliard’s

Purchase genuine Louisiana flavor. Cajun certified and family crafted since 1910, Bulliard’s all-American pepper sauces stand up thick and rich. From pasta to po’ boys, Bulliard’s tops in taste.

We named ourselves Peppers Unlimited for our limitless capacity and customization potential. From sourcing fruit to filling tankers—we do it all, and we do it best!

Made to order, our succulent sauces make meals memorable and sales hot. Hot shots in hot sauce, our dedicated team of food scientists and technicians will meet or beat any national brand’s quality, consistency and taste profile. We currently blend hundreds of distinct recipes for dozens of different products.

In 1993, we opened our doors with 17 employees in 10,000 square feet. Growing 15-20% a year for 15 years straight, we now employ just fewer than 100 members of the St. Martinville community in the industry’s second largest, and most modern production facility. Our 200,000-square-foot manufacturing plant boasts 4 processing rooms and 5 high-tech fill lines capable of bottling 250-400 bottles per minute. Designed by Vice President John Bulliard, and hand fabricated onsite, our bottling lines can be modified on demand to handle any size and shape bottle. For our bulk sauce customers, we’re set up to fill 5,500-gallon tankers right on premise, as well as load drums and totes for transport in dry vans and refrigerated trucks.

For more information, and to order go to www. http://peppersunlimitedofla.com

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