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Chicago Vegan Foods

Temptation Vegan Soft Serve

From ice cream shops to baseball stadiums, how about a story on the growing popularity of plant-based soft serve made from oat milk?

If you’re interested, please keep in mind Chicago Vegan Foods’ new Temptation Vegan Soft Serve crafted with whole oat flour. This dairy-free and 100% vegan soft-serve mix creates a frozen treat that’s outrageously creamy, rich, fluffy and smooth, but completely free of fat and cholesterol. Available in classic vanilla and chocolate base flavors, the foodservice offering also contains no gluten, no peanuts, and no tree-nuts, making it a sweet alternative for those with allergies. Sold in cases of six – 4.1lb bags, the customizable powder is easy to prepare (simply add cold water!) and ready to use in any commercial soft serve machine.

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