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Hillshire Farm Chicken Sausage

Hillshire Farm Chicken Sausage contains 50% less fat
and one-third fewer calories, offering operators a greattasting,
healthy protein option.
Consumers overwhelmingly consider poultry healthier
compared to other proteins. This new Chicken Sausage
meets the need for unique and better-for-you protein
Easy-to-prepare Hillshire Farm Chicken Sausage adds
a perfect blend of sweet and smoky flavor to a variety of
recipes, lending itself to multiple menu applications for
maximum operator flexibility.
Hillshire Farm Chicken Sausages in natural casing
links include chicken & apple smoked, Italian-style and
traditional smoked flavors. Natural casing endless rope
flavors include traditional smoked and Italian style.
For more information, visit tysonfoodservice.com or
call 800-248-9766.

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