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New Kitchen Controller™ oil management system

Cargill, Frontline International Partner for Automated Cooking Oil Management System

 System uses real-time data to more consistently and profitably cook fried foods.

The foodservice industry is under pressure to deliver consistent, quality food on razor-thin profit margins. Recognizing that proper cooking oil management plays a critical role in achieving both objectives, Cargill has joined with Frontline International to develop the Kitchen Controller™ end-to-end, automated oil management system.

The state-of-the-art solution leverages Cargill’s foodservice experience and oil quality knowledge with Frontline International’s Smart Oil Management® equipment expertise and customer relationships, providing foodservice operators with an integrated, intelligent approach to oil management.

“Proper oil management can have a huge impact on product quality and production costs. Identifying the best times to safely filter and replace oil has significant benefits, yet too often, kitchen staff end up guessing when to do these critical tasks,” said Mike Christensen, foodservice category leader for Cargill’s global edible oils business. “The Kitchen Controller system will be the first of several solutions we’re working on to address industry challenges and help shape foodservice kitchens of the future.”

Simplifies Cooking Oil Management

The Kitchen Controller system simplifies cooking oil management by automating the oil filtering and replacement process. At the heart of the system, a fry vat sensor gathers oil quality data. The data is then analyzed by the Kitchen Controller proprietary software and fed to a touchscreen pad. Kitchen staff use the green, yellow and red on-screen indicators on the touchpad to take action with the oil. This helps to ensure consistency and quality of fried foods which improves profitability.

“The collaboration between Frontline International and Cargill is a critical component of a multiyear strategic plan for business growth driven by our ongoing investment in emerging technology in commercial foodservice,” said John Palazzo, president and CEO, Frontline International. “Value is achieved when cooking oil is viewed as more than a commodity, but a key driver of brand value and bottom-line benefit. The Kitchen Controller system literally puts operators in control of their investment in cooking oil.”

Kitchen Controller oil management system is the first digital option offered to foodservice operators under the new Cargill Serve™ umbrella, an initiative to help customers streamline kitchen management. Other tools are already in development, including the Kitchen Trainer™ oil management training program designed for foodservice employees and the Kitchen Advisor™ app that recommends prescriptive oil management actions to kitchen staff. Both of these solutions will be available to foodservice customers later this year.

For more information, visit Cargill.com and our News Center or visit www.frontlineii.com.

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