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Plant-Based Pulled Oats® Tacos

It’s time to elevate your taco offerings with Pulled Oats® - a new protein-rich vegan crumble with a meaty texture. Pulled Oats® is the first product in the world that brings together Nordic oats, fava beans and yellow peas to create not only a sustainable, but also a highly nutritious plant-based protein. Pulled Oats® is packed with more protein than many animal and plant proteins. It contains no animal-based or genetically manipulated ingredients, no additives, fillers or preservatives, and no soy—just simple, clean ingredients.

Now more than ever, consumers are seeking plant-based options when dining away from home, with more than 40 percent saying they would order dishes described as meatless or meat-free.1 While consumers want meat-free meals for a variety of reasons, including health, sustainability and animal welfare, taste is the key factor2 that will determine whether a plant-based menu item is successful.

Found on nearly 28 percent of all commercial menus3, tacos are great vehicle to serve delicious, crave-worthy plant-based protein like Pulled Oats®. The vegan crumble easily absorbs spices and seasonings and therefore can take on the same flavors you already use to season your taco meat. Depending on how much you “break up” Pulled Oats®, it can resemble the texture of pulled pork, shredded chicken or ground beef. With a similar taste and texture, Pulled Oats® tacos are an easy way to integrate more plant-based protein into your menu.

In addition to serving Pulled Oats® as a stand-alone taco filling, it also combines well with meat, providing a similar taste and texture, while cutting the amount of meat used. Operators may find this beneficial for a number of reasons including cost-efficiency, yield and customer appeal while consumers may find it to be a healthier and more sustainable option.

The idea of Pulled Oats® was born in 2015 when two Finnish women discovered the untapped potential of the Nordic oats. The team designed and engineered an innovative mechanical process that combines just five familiar ingredients—oats, fava beans, yellow peas, oil and salt. The result was a protein-rich plant-based crumble unlike anything else on the market.

With Pulled Oats®, you can set yourself apart from the competition while satisfying the growing demand for clean-label, plant-based menu items. This versatile pre-cooked ingredient tastes great in everything from tacos and quesadillas to salads and grain bowls—the options are endless. Interested in trying samples? Contact hello@ibafoodsales.com or call 678.797.9799. Pulled Oats® was introduced to the US earlier this year and is available exclusively through Sysco. Click here to learn more about Pulled Oats®.

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