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Quail Knots

Manchester Farms’ new (and already best-selling) products, Quail Knots. Quail Knots are a half quail breast with a drumstick, and make excellent hors d’oeuvres or party snacks as they are easily handheld. Enjoyed by both home cooks and professional chefs, quail knots can be prepared as simply or as technically as the chef prefers. Quail knots can be purchased on the Manchester Farms website.

Manchester Farms is the United States’ oldest quail farm, and offers an exceptional variety of quail products for both the professional chef and the home cook. As a second generation, family owned and operated quail farm out of Columbia, SC, Manchester Farms prides itself on raising happy, healthy birds that are growth promotant and hormone free.

The company offers a few quail knot recipes (so far we’ve seen everything from blueberry glazed quail knots to spicy grilled quail knots) and can answer any questions you may have about the product. They can even put you in touch with one of their chefs!

For more information or to order, contact us at manchesterfarms.com or call 800-845-0421.

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