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Have a Seat: A Novel Invitation

Hospeco Brands Group’s toilet seat cover options protect today’s restrooms

Now more than ever, the public restroom is a battleground. Everyone is hyper-aware of the dangers of contagious viruses and bacteria. Help arm your brand and insulate your public image—while giving employees, customers, and guests peace of mind—with Hospeco Brands Group’s complete offering of flushable toilet seat covers.

Hospeco Brands Group is proud to be the market leader in toilet seat covers, offering the Evogen®, Health Gards®, and Discreet Seat® brands. Toilet seat covers demonstrate a facility owner’s commitment to offering their patrons security and sanitary protection in public restrooms and have become an expected requirement as part of a well-appointed restroom. All Hospeco Brands Group seat covers are safe for septic systems and will not harm plumbing under normal conditions.

Today’s customers expect hands-free technology in the restroom. It’s time the toilet seat cover joins that higher level of customer expectation. The signature Evogen® NT is the new standard in toilet seat cover systems. The first and only hands-free toilet seat cover dispensing system, Evogen is a patent-pending fully contained system. With Evogen, there is no unhygienic pre-displaying of the product. Instead, all seat covers are kept clean inside the dispenser—and, with a wave of the hand, a single cover is dispensed automatically. The seat cover is presented from the dispenser fully open and ready to use—no folds and no tabs to tear.

Evogen has a similar footprint to existing dispensers, improves the image of the restroom, and dispenses a thicker and heavier paper for a superior sanitary barrier. Auto-dispense prevents malicious overuse, and the auto-flush tongue makes sure the seat cover flushes down with the water.

Other products in Hospeco Brands Group’s toilet seat cover offering include Health Gards® Lever-Action Toilet Seat Cover System, which dispenses a single ready-to-use, sanitary toilet seat cover with the touch of a fingertip. Covers require no unfolding and have no tabs to tear.

Hospeco Brands Group also manufactures a variety of toilet seat cover refills and dispensers. Discreet Seat® is a standard, value-grade option made of 100% recycled content and sized to fit all standard dispensers. Health Gards® is 100% virgin fiber for a stronger and bright white toilet seat cover. Health Gards® “Green” Toilet Seat Covers are Green Seal certified with 100% recycled fiber and 25%+ post-consumer fiber for public spaces where green initiatives have heightened importance.

An alternative to flushable toilet seat covers is the Health Gards® Toilet Seat Cleaner, an inside-the-stall foam cleaner that dispenses from a 1000 mL no-touch dispenser. The patron dispenses the pleasantly scented cleaner onto toilet paper in order to cleanse the toilet seat. The foam cleans quickly and evaporates immediately.

Either choice will be appreciated, and, more importantly, will result in a cleaner restroom and less waste. Patrons won’t have to resort to lining the seat with toilet paper and/or paper towels, which inevitably land on the floor or could clog the toilet.

For more information on how Hospeco Brands Group makes choosing the right toilet seat covers easy, visit Hospeco Brands Group Complete Toilet Seat Cover Solutions or www.hospecobrands.com.

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