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Monthly Archives: October 2021

Women’s Foodservice Forum Announces New Board Members

To Advance Gender Equity and Create New Paths For Women To Succeed

Four senior executives join Board to accelerate the advancement of women

In February Women's Foodservice Forum (WFF) elected four senior leaders to its 2021 Board of Directors and named new positions for its Executive Committee members. The robust board of industry executives, and the global...
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Tyson Foods Categorically Rejects Conclusions Drawn by White House

Tyson Foods categorically rejects the conclusions drawn by the Secretary of Agriculture and the Director of the National Economic Council in a White House press briefing. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently published a report detailing the drivers of consumer inflation in the food sector, none of which are related to industry consolidation or scale. The...
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Trailblazing Texas Food Journalist Dotty Griffith Passes at 71

 Texas Food Journalist Dotty Griffith

‘Dotty steered Dallas into the modern food world,’ says Chef Dean Fearing, former Dallas Morning News restaurant critic. Dotty Griffith, trailblazing Texas food journalist, Daily Texan Hall of Fame honoree, cookbook author and longtime restaurant critic at The Dallas Morning News, died Sept. 13 of pancreatic cancer at home in Dallas, surrounded by...
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Texas Restaurant Association

Texas Restaurant Association Adds Leading Voices to 2022 Board of Directors

The Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) is proud to announce its officers and new directors. With this group of leaders, the TRA will continue to leverage the full strength and diversity of our industry as we work to protect, advance, and educate the restaurant and foodservice...
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