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Jimmy Dean® Heat ‘n Serve

Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausage Patties 2.0 oz
  • Fully cooked and perfectly seasoned upon arrival, with multiple heating methods to help reduce labor requirements.
  • Jimmy Dean® brand is the #1 branded breakfast sausage, providing a consistent product that patrons know and love. (Source: Nielsen Data, 2021 NPD Supply Track, 2021)
  • Provides a quality product at an...
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Vulcan New Chef & Combi Business Development Manager

Alex Ricciuti Joins the Vulcan Combi Oven Team

Vulcan, the leading provider of commercial cooking equipment, recently welcomed Alex Ricciuti as the newest addition to the ever-expanding Combi oven team. She will lead their field sales efforts as Chef and Combi Business Development Manager – traveling across the country...
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Post-Pandemic Culinary Trends: Indian Cuisine

By Chef Kline, Executive Chef at Tyson Foods While culinary trends slowed widely during the pandemic, we’re seeing some global flavors on the rise again. One we’re very excited about is Indian cuisine in the U.S., which I predict we’ll see growing on menus for several reasons:
  • Health-conscious diets are on the rise, and global cuisines like Indian...
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