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Aubrey Daniels: A Chef Born and Bred

Chef Aubrey Daniels really didn’t have much of a choice. “My father is a World Master Chef, and his dad was a chef. My great-granddad was a chef trained at the original Le Cordon Bleu,” says Daniels, executive chef of Wildhorse Grill at Robson Ranch in Denton. “It’s pretty much in my blood.” His introduction to...
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Chef Celia Galindo

Gourmet Central by Cel

Next time you’re down in Brownsville, watch out for the whirlwind—the one named Celia Galindo. By four years old little Celia already knew what she wanted to do. Watching her beloved grandmother cook with passion for family and friends, she decided she would do the same. Cel, as she is now known, didn’t waste...
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Siegfried “Siggy” Schafner

For most, a career is an end in itself.

But for Siegfried “Siggy” Schafner, it was simply a means.

“I knew when I was young that I wanted to travel. I decided that becoming a chef would give me the ability to do that,” says Siggy. He was set on the culinary path...
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Full Circle: Chef Walter Bandt

If Chef Walter Bandt’s life had a soundtrack, it would have to include Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere.” He was born in Dallas, but has lived South and Central America, Europe and various stateside locations, and travelled the world. Now at age thirty-six, he’s come full circle, serving as head chef for the recently opened...
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