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New FETCO® Frozen Granita Machine

1Consumers are lining up in droves for iced beverages, and FETCO’s new Frozen Granita Machine offers convenience stores the state-of-the-art, self-serve frozen beverage equipment to help operators meet this growing demand.

Frozen, dispensed beverages generate 50% profit in convenience stores and frequently lead to additional in-store purchases. Engineered to run sunup to sundown with little maintenance or waste, the new FETCO by ELEMCO Frozen Granita Machine offers solutions for busy customers and opportunities for operators of all sizes. Create a multi-flavored slushie offering to entice customers looking for variety, or entice them with on-trend iced coffee and smoothies. Each machine s crafted with horizontal and vertical augers to ensure a reliably fresh taste, and a seal-less design reduces time and money spent on maintenance, so you can spend less time fixing and more time dispensing.

Available in single, dual and triple 3.2 Gallon Dispensers, find the Frozen Granita Machine that is the right fit for your operation. Visit FETCO.com to learn more or contact your local representative.

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