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Acosta Expands Foodservice Division

Acosta recently announced the acquisition of Contemporary Foodservice Marketing, Inc. providing services to Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Contemporary Foodservice Marketing is a leading non-food manufacturer agency in the Midwest representing an extensive selection of manufacturers and products. The integration of Contemporary Foodservice Marketing with Acosta’s Foodservice division will expand Acosta Cornerstone’s non-foods coverage in the Midwest region.

Acosta Foodservice provides integrated sales and marketing solutions for major foods and non-food manufacturers, distributors and operators across all away from home meal channels. In addition, Acosta Cornerstone offers a non-foods team dedicated olely to disposables, equipment and supplies.

“The powerful combination of Acosta Foodservice, Acosta Cornerstone and Contemporary Foodservice Marketing will provide exponential integrated resources to manufacturers, distributors and operators to build business in the Midwest,” said Mark Hayden, President, Acosta Foodservice.

“Strong, local relationships are critical to our success,” stated Dan Rodenbush, Executive Vice President, Acosta Cornerstone, “Contemporary Foodservice Marketing will enable Acosta to further enhance our personalized service and sales results across the region.”

“Our team is excited to align ourselves with Acosta’s experienced foodservice industry experts,” commented Ranette Visagie, President, Contemporary Foodservice Marketing, “I am enthused that our team is now a part of the Acosta family and that we will be able to service our customers more efficiently and creatively with the depth of industry knowledge and added resources that Acosta offers.”

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