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From the Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association

Greetings Foodservice Agencies, Manufacturers, & Suppliers

I hope your Company has successfully adapted during these past months to the enormous challenges of the pandemic. You can now consider planning your sales inititivaes for a post-vaccinations environment this year.

As Chairman of FSMA and an Agency Owner, I am asking for your vital support for our industry via membership in the Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association. As members of the foodservice industry, it is important to recognize the value of FSMA as an association operating for the common good with support from all manufacturers and suppliers in the community.

As an FSMA Member, you are entitled to all of its benefits, including,  industry events, updates and White Papers and access to legal counsel. For more complete identification of these benefits, please see our Value Propositions for Agencies and for Manufacturer/Suppliers. With your important support and engagement, we are able to continue to provide these services and add more value for you, your Company, and the Foodservice Community.

2020 was a realignment year for the foodservice industry because of the pandemic. This will continue for some period into 2021 until the anticipated vaccine receives widespread acceptance. We need your financial support in these challenging times so foodservice agencies will be ready to resume their role as the most cost-efficient and effective way for manufacturers to sell their products.

In 2021 FSMA is also planning a White Paper research study on “How Reductions in Commissions Adversely Affect Manufacturer Sales.” We are asking all Manufacturers and Agencies to consider assisting in the Study as research participants and/or contributors to the FSMA Foundation by clicking here.
We have included links to our Membership Applications, for Agencies and for Manufacturers, so you may support the advancement of the foodservice industry into the post vaccination world. Please note that we have significantly modified the 2021 dues and payment schedules for Agencies and Manufacturers to offer access to FSMA for companies of every size.

Thank you for your support of FSMA as we chart our future together in 2021 and beyond in the post-pandemic future.



Jerry Campbell

Chairman, FSMA


5225 Wisconsin Ave., NW, Suite 316 Washington, DC 20015-2055

202-596-8112 – 202-293-1702 (fax) jcampbell@fsmaonline.com

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