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Roland Foods Announces Company Rebrand

Also Introduces New Innovation Items

Roland Foods, the eighty-eight-year-old purveyor of fine ingredients, announced earlier this year the company’s rebrand and renewed focus on innovation. An importer of premium global products, Roland Foods is a reliable resource for both chefs and home cooks all over the world. The rebrand reflects the company's mission to further expand its assortment of global ingredients while continuing to connect with new and future generations of adventurous cooks.

Roland Foods’ new brand identity starts with a refresh to the company’s logo. Here, the inclusion of Roland’s 1934 established date signifies its rich history and industry longevity.  Next, a newly added company seal symbolizes Roland’s authenticity and quality, bearing the company slogan “Purveyors of Fine Ingredients.” Finally, Roland has debuted anew tagline, The World at Your Table™, conveying how the brand delivers global flavors and innovative products to both chefs and home cooks alike.

“We wanted our logo and brand elements to accurately reflect the story of our company, honoring our rich heritage while demonstrating the modernity of Roland Foods today,” says Tyler White, SVP of Sales and Marketing.

The color scheme, a neutral primary palette and vibrant secondary array of hues, provides a modern and bold feel, evoking the brand’s reliability and strength. Detailed illustrations, including representations of global cultures and cuisines, wrap each product on the newly released packaging design. Together, the artwork, abstract patterns, and rich textures express the global reach of Roland Foods and reflect the company’s diverse and expansive line of globally sourced products. Newly packaged items have already debuted on grocery shelves and will continue extending to retailers and restaurant kitchens in 2023.

“The new packaging visually represents the quality of what is inside. When you walk down the grocery aisle, Roland Foods’ products stand out on the shelf, which has an impact on consumer purchasing decisions,” says Chris Buckler, Director of Retail Sales.

Following the rebrand, Roland Foods also announced the launch of several innovation items, including:

  •  Roland® Fig Jam: a light and fresh honeyed fig spread from Italy characterized by sweet finishing notes and a pleasant crunch from the seeds of the figs. Made with only 5 ingredients including 65% figs and acacia honey.
  •  Roland® Spicy Chili Onion Crisp: A ready-to-use condiment with strong garlic and onion flavor. Savory, mild heat with a sweet finish and delectable crunch.
  •  Roland® Organic White Truffle Oil: Organic extra virgin olive oil infused with a subtle truffle aroma and pieces of organic white truffles from Italy in every bottle.
  •  Roland® Organic Black Truffle Oil: Organic extra virgin olive oil infused with a subtle truffle aroma and pieces of organic black truffles from the Umbrian region of Italy in every bottle.

These and other innovation items are available for purchase in brick-and-mortar retail stores across the country, as well as on the Roland Foods Amazon Storefront.

To learn more about Roland Foods, please visit https://rolandfoods.com/

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