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Take Action: Save Restaurant Jobs!

Congress is drafting a new COVID-19 relief bill that could eliminate the tip credit and dramatically increase labor costs with changes to the minimum wage. These measures would kick restaurants and their employees while they’re down, resulting in fewer jobs and lower wages at a time when we should be rebuilding our economy.

In some states, the proposed changes to the minimum wage represent a 600% increase in labor costs. With dwindling revenues due to the pandemic, this impossible challenge will eliminate rather than create jobs. Similarly, eliminating the tip credit would harm tipped servers who generally earn between $19-$25 per hour.

The restaurant industry has lost more jobs and more revenue than any other industry because of the pandemic. As Congress finishes the new relief bill, they need to hear from you in support of the local restaurants you love.

Please take a brief moment to write to your legislators today, urging them to help, not hurt, the restaurant industry. And please share this campaign with your friends, family members, and coworkers who can help.

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