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Technomic’s 2018 Future of LSR Consumer Trend Report

Limited-service restaurants push the envelope and consumer comfort zones with tech investments, Technomic reveals in new study

Technomic's 2018 Future of LSR Consumer Trend Report explores new ordering technology expected to grow at fast-food and fast-casual restaurants

Like any business, limited-service restaurants must stay ahead of the curve as technology advances and consumer preferences evolve. This segment is expected to increasingly showcase new ordering technology (e.g. GPS-enabled mobile apps, self-service kiosks, curbside pick-up for mobile orders, etc.) due to consumer demands for speedier ordering options and pressures from a tight labor market, reveals Technomic’s 2018 Future of LSR Consumer Trend Report.

“Most consumers indicate that while mobile ordering is appealing in this segment, it’s more likely to be a differentiator rather than a necessity,” states Kelly Weikel, director of consumer insights at Technomic. “There are still consumers out there showing hesitancy toward self-service kiosk ordering and third-party delivery, especially older consumers. However, these amenities will continue to gain traction through slow adoption rates, so they are important for limited-service restaurants to consider.”

Key takeaways from the report include:

  • 52% of respondents visit fast food at least weekly; 35% visit fast casuals at least weekly
  • When ordering delivery from fast-food restaurants, 45% of customers typically order via the restaurant’s app or website
  • 51% of consumers would place an order at a kiosk sometimes and at a register other times depending on the wait time at a fast-food or fast-casual restaurant

Compiling findings from more than 1,400 consumer responses, as well as menu and industry data from the Ignite database, the comprehensive 2018 Future of LSR Consumer Trend Report serves as a guide for foodservice operators and suppliers to help them better understand how consumer usage, attitudes and preferences toward fast-food and fast-casual restaurants are evolving and to identify key areas of opportunity.

Technomic publishes a complete library of Consumer Trend Reports. To learn more, please visit Technomic.com.


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