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The Texas Restaurant Survival Plan

In Texas, as the coronavirus pandemic continues its unrelenting assault of the food and beverage sector, 84% of restaurant operators say they have laid off or furloughed employees. Restaurant owners anticipate laying off or furloughing an additional 18% of employees during the next 30 days, and sales are down almost 70%.

Despite the reopening of Texas restaurants under careful guidelines, the hard truth is that thousands of local food and beverage businesses will not survive this pandemic unless Texas intervenes.

The Texas Restaurant Survival Plan is an eight-point plan directed at the State that combines aid from the CARES Act with the policy reforms we need to save Texas restaurants, bars, and other foodservice businesses. Now is our chance to connect with the public, Texas legislators, and Governor Abbott, to show them how badly this industry is still hurting and what it will take to pivot from weeks of lost revenue to a profitable model in the post-COVID world.

Without this vital aid, many of the restaurants and bars that have been forced to close due to the threat of COVID-19 will not be able to reopen.

Take action. Save Texas Restaurants.


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