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HOSPECO® Evogen® No-Touch Receptacle Completes Hands-Free Restroom

Touch-free disposal of menstrual care products is optimal solution for patrons, cleaning staff

Let’s face it; 50% of the people on the planet will never realize the most important element of the hands-free restroom has not been addressed. Tucked away in the stall of the women’s room sits the worst offender in closed-waste receptacles. We don’t hear a lot about it because women were supposed to deal with the mess it presents quietly and, frankly, men have been oblivious.

HOSPECO takes the hands-free restroom movement to the ultimate level with the Evogen® No-Touch Combination Receptacle for the ultimate in easy, safe, and sanitary disposal of used menstrual care products. Sized to fit in virtually any restroom or stall, the waste receptacle automatically opens when patrons simply hold a hand over the lid. The lid automatically closes after the product is deposited. And personal disposal bags are available from the built-in dispenser, making the entire experience more hygienic, and convenient for patrons and maintenance staff alike.

“This product will change the category,” said Bill Hemann, HOSPECO vice president of sales and marketing, “helping to shift the thinking from simply universal access of menstrual care products to a more full-circle approach inclusive of safe and sanitary disposal. We’re very excited to be at the forefront of this advancement.”

Combatting the hazards of conventional disposal methods also is important for janitorial staff. The Evogen® No-Touch Combination Receptacle engineers away the hazard.

Now, when maintenance staff needs to change the liner bag, they simply hold a hand over the lid and, after the lid raises, hold a hand over it a second time. This engages an extra-long 60-second lift cycle, giving staff plenty of time to remove the old liner bag and replace it with a fresh one.

Receptacles can be refilled with lightly scented, fitted SecureFit360® Poly Liner Bags for ultimate protection against contamination and odor. Liners prevent waste from contaminating the receptacle and keep it cleaner to reduce odor and cleaning time. They are custom-designed with a unique strap that wraps around the bottom of the receptacle to secure them in place. For removal, the strap becomes a handle for safe removal of the contained and concealed contents.

The Evogen® No-Touch Combination Receptacle slides onto a separate mounting bracket, independent of the main unit. This helps assure easy on-and-off for battery replacement and periodic maintenance, disinfecting, and cleaning.

For more, visit www.hospeco.com.

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