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Jimmy Dean Breakfast Wraps

Breakfast Wraps help satisfy breakfast cravings no matter the morning routine

America’s favorite protein breakfast brand1, Jimmy Dean®, is bringing two new products to tables, counter tops and desks to enjoy this fall. Jimmy Dean Casserole Bites and Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Wraps will join the brand’s product portfolio, delivering new warm and satisfying breakfast options, no matter the morning routine.

“Breakfast plays a comforting role in people’s lives and daily routines, especially as many of us continue to navigate new and changing schedules,” said Scott Glenn, senior director of marketing, Jimmy Dean brand. “We’re proud to continue to provide quality products that meet the evolving needs of individuals and families.”

  •  JIMMY DEAN DELIGHTS BREAKFAST WRAPSoffer health-conscious consumers the high protein options they are seeking. The protein-packed wraps offer a delicious start to the day and are made with real veggies, all-natural turkey sausage or bacon, white cheddar cheese and whole scrambled eggs, all wrapped up into a whole wheat tortilla. With no artificial colors or flavors, each wrap delivers 13-14 grams of protein, 17 grams of whole grains and are available in three delicious varieties: Spinach & Bacon, Turkey Sausage & Veggie and Southwest Style.

Jimmy Dean Casserole Bites and Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Wraps can be found in the frozen aisle of retail stores nationwide beginning this fall. For more information, visit WWW.JIMMYDEAN.COM.

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