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Mindful Desserts by Dole® Fruit

The New Definition of Indulgence
Fruit-forward dessert menus emphasize healthy halo attributes and exciting flavor.
Patrons love to treat themselves to dessert when dining out, but not every consumer is looking for large portions, traditionally sweet flavors and over-the-top items. Finding the balance between indulgent and healthful can be a challenge, especially when dessert options are limited. Dole Packaged Foods, LLC thinks this category is ripe for innovation—pun intended! The company has curated a collection of recipes, chef tips and videos focused on bringing more fruit-centric options to the menu.
DOLE Chef-Ready Cuts and DOLE Chef-Ready Frozen Fruit Purées are at the heart of the campaign, combining delicious fruit with operationally friendly formats. These product lines are featured prominently in Dole’s latest teaser video, which can be viewed at www.dolefoodservice.com/mindful-desserts.
To help operators lighten up their dessert offerings, Dole has developed recipes that range from light and refreshing to warm and comforting. With the inclusion of more wholesome ingredients like DOLE packaged and frozen fruit, patrons can satisfy their cravings without overindulging. The recipes feature sophisticated flavor combinations that balance sweet, tart and savory—sure to bring signature flair to any operator’s dessert menu. Here are a few examples:
Vanilla Panna Cotta with Cardamom Peach Sauce
DOLE Chef-Ready Cuts Diced Peaches and cardamom make for a uniquely spiced sauce, perfect for topping a creamy panna cotta. Full recipe: www.dolefoodservice.com/recipe/3844-vanilla-panna-cotta-with-cardamom-peach-sauce

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