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Pulled Oats

Introducing Pulled Oats® - A Revolutionary New Plant-Based Protein

Introducing Pulled Oats®, an all-natural, soy-free plant-based protein made from just five simple ingredients—Nordic oats, fava beans, yellow peas, cold-press rapeseed oil and salt. Launching this month, Pulled Oats® is available exclusively through Sysco. The product, called Sysco Simply™ Plant Based Protein Pulled Oats®, will be introduced nationwide through the ‘Cutting Edge Solutions’ program, which is Sysco’s platform for launching novel, exclusive food products.

“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Sysco to introduce Pulled Oats® to the US market. From early on, it was clear that we share the same values of high integrity, excellence and responsibility in everything we do,” said Maija Itkonen, CEO & Cofounder of Pulled Oats®. “We want to make the world a better place one meal at the time and with Sysco, we’re now closer to that than ever before.”

The idea of Pulled Oats® was born in 2015 when two Finnish women discovered the untapped potential of the Nordic oats. They saw an opportunity to be part of the solution in the global environmental crisis and quickly got to work developing an eco-friendly, nutritious food that combined Nordic oats and legumes.

Using state-of-the-art technology knowhow, they created an innovative mechanical process that combines the hearty oats with fava beans and yellow peas. The result is a protein-rich vegan crumble with a meaty texture and subtle taste that takes on the flavor of the ingredients it is paired with. Pulled Oats® delivers a fulfilling protein and enjoyable mouthfeel and the simple, clean ingredients consumers have come to demand.

While plant-based foods appear to have the most up-front appeal to the vegan and vegetarian consumers, they’re resonating with an increasing number of flexitarians, as well as people looking for healthy, protein alternatives. According to Technomic, 50% of consumers eat vegetarian or vegan dishes at least once a month, yet only 27% of them say restaurants do a good job of providing options that taste good.

It’s time to offer a better-tasting plant-based option. With Pulled Oats®, operators can set themselves apart and satisfy the growing demand for menu transparency and clean-label, plant-based menu items. This versatile pre-cooked ingredient tastes great in everything from tacos and sandwiches to pasta dishes and grain bowls—the options are endless. Interested in trying samples? Contact hello@ibafoodsales.com or call 678-797-9799. Click here to learn more about Pulled Oats®.



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