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Tyson® Brand and Hillshire Farm®Spice Up Mealtime

New Tajín Chicken and Sausage-Inspired Products Meet Growing Consumer Demand for Bold, Global Flavors

The Tyson® and Hillshire Farm® brands, in partnership with Tajín,® one of Mexico’s most recognized chili lime seasoning brands, recently announced the launch of five new products featuring the popular Tajín® Clásico Seasoning. Tajín’s authentic flavor is a unique blend of mild chili peppers, dehydrated lime juice and sea salt. It is primarily used to enhance the flavor of desserts, vegetables, fresh fruit and now, protein.

The Tyson and Hillshire Farm brands are making it easy to explore this popular flavor by infusing the seasoning directly into several signature chicken and sausage products, including:

“We know people are looking for more authentic, flavor-forward foods that tap into today’s globalized palates,” said Chef Alexa McKay, who helped inspire the Tajín-flavored products for Tyson brand. “Our partnership with Tajín not only delivers on the growing interest in these flavor varieties, but also means you don’t have to make a trip to your favorite ethnic restaurant to enjoy them.”

Data from Mintel Foodservice Trends reports 44 percent of consumers are actively seeking out new flavors from various regions of the world. One in five Americans says their motivations for international flavors are inspired by travel.

The protein expertise and culinary capabilities of the Tyson and Hillshire Farm teams, combined with Tajín’s proven popularity, means more mouth-watering meal options from these beloved brands.

“Tajín brings a unique, flavorful chili-lime ‘zing’ that pairs perfectly with these products,” said Chef Michelle Duran, who helped inspire the Tajín-flavored products for Hillshire Farm brand. “Now, consumers will have even more opportunities to spice up meals with our new flavorful sausage and chicken offerings.”

To learn more about these new products, where to purchase them and for recipe inspiration, visit WWW.TYSON.COM and WWW.HILLSHIREFARM.COM.

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